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Usually invading someone's medical privacy involves just the person with a present or past health condition. But there is genetics (DNA) and privacy, this can involved not only the person but members of his family and their risk to get a disease or medical condition in the future.

It's alleged that on December 31 2008 the Minnesota Department of Health violated 2006 genetic privacy law. The Department of health stored spot blood samples and the results of genetic screening of new born babies (1 ).

The first country to establish a DNA database for crime fighting crime was the United Kingdom. The database was established as part of "Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994". This act allowed police to take and collect DNA samples(2 ).

The UK database grew at a rapid rate around 6000 new samples a week and is expcected have a DNA profile of one third the UK's male population (3 ).

More than 1 million innnocent people have there gentic profile stored in the UK database. these people don't even have a criminal record or even a police caution(4 ).

584,00 children are in the UK database many have never been charged with an offense, but their profile will be on the database for life. Grant Shapps 14 year old son is on the database when his son was arrested in a case of mistaken idenity. The police applogised but refused to remove his sons profile (5 ).


Medical, genetics, DNA, Privacy, DNA database, health