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Does a DNA database violate Medical Privacy?Genetic/DNA Medical Privacy

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A thirteen year old girl was arrested and added to the UK DNA database, forever. Her crime? throwing a snowball at a police car (6 ).

In 1989 Virginia was the first state to require DNA samples be taken from sex offenders for use ia a state database (7 ).

On January 9 2009 The American government is expanding its collection of DNA samples to anyone arrested on federal charges. The new program will add 1.2 million samples to the FBI DNA database (8 ).

Washington Supreme Court Justice Utter said about a mandatory universal national DNA Database "We would be appalled, I hope, if the State mandated non-consensual blood tests of the public at large for purposes of developing a comprehensive ... DNA databank. The Fourth Amendment guaranty against unreasonable searches and seizures would mean little indeed if it did not protect citizens from such oppressive government behavior."(9 ).

Scientist cautioned police relying on DNA as the sole form of evidence for a conviction Eleanor Graham, of the East Midlands Forensic Pathology Unit at the University of Leicester in the UK, said "I know scientists get into trouble in court because the lawyers try to push them to say about how a stain got into an area. " and continued "I don't think DNA should ever be used on its own, although it can provide incredible intelligence." (10 ).

A software glitch caused a temporary ban on DNA reports in Australia. The error was called very small and its said it favored the defendant (11 ). This error favored the defendant, others may not. Also an error like this and putting full faith in it can thwart investigations.


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