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Patient, Privacy, medical, database, medical records, snooping, Hospital Victims of violations of medical privacyPatient, Privacy, medical, database, medical records, snooping, Hospital

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A psychoanalyst in Austin Texas, and founder of a nonprofit group Patient Privacy Rights Foundation Dr. Deborah Peel said "I have spent 30 years seeing nothing but how people are harmed [in their] reputation or livelihoods when sensitive medical records are seen by anyone . . . outside of the few people you trust to actually take care of you," she also said "If privacy is not fully protected we won't be building anything except the most valuable motherlode of information for data mining on earth."(1).

Maryland created a medical database of all its residents, in 1993. State employees illegally sold the medical information of Medicaid recipients to organizations ( HMOs). Also a banker used the information to call in loans of Cancer patients(2).

Actress Farrah Fawcett had her medical records from ULCA sold to the tabloid press according to her lawyers. UCLA officials claim her information was illegally accessed by an employee or employees and sold or bartered (3).

20 employees at Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center in Florida were fired over violating the medical privacy Richard Collier a Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman who was shot on September 2 2008 (4 ).

6 employees of St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center have been fired for "inappropriately reviewing medical records" of TV news reporter Anne Pressly. MS Pressly was beaten and found unconscious, she died and never regained consciousness(5).

15 employees of Kaiser Permanente were fired and eight were disciplined for snooping into the medical records octuplet mother, Nadya Suleman (6 ).

A girl went to work with her mom at a hospital and the girl accessed patient information then used private medical information to call female patients and tell them they were infected with the HIV virus or were pregnant. One teenage victim tried to commit suicide before she was stopped by her family (7 ).

A former employee at St. John's Hospital in Missouri was fired for secretly video taping four female athletes undressing who's ages of the females were between 16-23. The former employee admitted to the taping to the Police (8 ).

A convicted sex offender working at a hospital in Newton, Massachusetts used a former employees computer password then gained access to nearly 1,000 patient files to make obscene phone calls to young girls(9 ).

Patient, Privacy, medical, database, medical records, snooping, Hospital