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Medical Rights Medical Rights, FDA, agents, FDA, federal government, Bursynski, vitamin

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The end game for the Generic drug scandal of 1989 is almost two dozen sent to prison including five FDA officials. Bolar Pharmaceutical Co. of Copiague New York, paying a $10 million dollar fine for selling $192 million worth of nine adulterated and mislabeled generic drugs(22 ).

First do no harm?

An August 1990, presidential advisory panel told President Bush the federal government should speed up approval of experimental AIDS and cancer drugs. The report said "desperately ill patients are prepared to accept the greater risk inherent in the use of such medications. Faced with the consequences of a lack of therapy for AIDS or cancer, an expanded mechanism for early access to investigational drugs is morally, ethically and scientifically justified." The panel also recommend that drug companies the federal government should not require proof of a prolonged life, if the quality of the patients life would be improved by a drug(23 ).

You would think this would open the door for alternative/experimental therapies. sadly it didn't.

The arrogance of the FDA is shown by the chief of the FDA fraud division Dr Holland who said "For the major alternative therapies being offered today, there virtually no scientific evidence that one can expect any benefit from any of them. The public in general doesn't have the knowledge to make an informed choice"(24 ).

alternative therapy raids

Former FDA investigator Arthur Evangelista said that vitamin companies are easy targets for agents to bust. "It's a numbers game for funding," he says. "If you couldn't turn out the numbers, they would shut the operation down. There was a quota. If you don't meet your numbers, you don't get promoted. So you get warning letters out, and get embargoes and injunctions against companies. I finally resigned; I thought this was crazy." (25 ).

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Medical Rights, FDA, agents, FDA, federal government, Bursynski, vitamin