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Medical RightsMedical Rights, FDA, false, misleading,  Codex Alimentarius Commission, nutritional aids, FAO, WHO, WTO

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On March of 1988 the FDA seized a batch of primrose oil under the pretext that it was not "Generally Regarded As Safe" as a dietary supplement. A second seizure happened in California in February 1989(26 ).

The federal government has had "vitamin raids". On May 1992 at Dr Wrights office in Kent Washington armed federal agents broke down the front door with guns drawn, order the staff to raise there hands. They terrified patients and family members in the waiting and examining rooms. They seized nutritional supplement and a Interro machine which is use to measure electric field a acupuncture points(27 ).

There have been other raids. Bursynski Research Clinic, The reason interstate shipping if "antineoplastins" (cancer therapy), this was done because of pressure by Atena insurance and others(28) .

The outcome 200,000 research, and medical documents seized. no charges were filed. The cause of the raid was selling vitamin, the FDA labeled as unapproved drugs, and life extension drugs from foreign countries. The FDA seized $500,000 worth of vitamins, computers, files, Newsletters, personal belongings, and ripped the phones out of the walls. Agents terrified employees, and Foundation leaders were charged with 28 criminal counts that added up to 84 years in prison(29 ).

Pets Smell-Free Was charged with selling a drug that was unsafe, the drugs purpose was to reduce the smell pets have, after several victories by Pets Smell Free, the FDA won(30 ).

Owner of small vitamin company called Highland Laboratories, Ken Scott of Oregon use to send out free reprints of newspaper and magazine articles on the benefits of a product his company made called Q10. The FDA objected, Scott objected he felt he was only reproducing research and not making claims himself. He still stopped sending the reprints himself and gave the task to his daughters direct mail handling company. This wasn't good enough a raid on his home used 11 federal marshals and other local and state enforcement (31).

claims and labeling were the subject of a 1993 report, FDA policy spokesman Mitch Zeller said about the report "We're not saying that everything in it is a violation, but everything in it is unsubstantiated"(32 ).

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Medical Rights, FDA, false, misleading,  Codex Alimentarius Commission, nutritional aids, FAO, WHO, WTO