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Hate in the name of the most holy.

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Wiccan, Hate,  holy, America, Witchcraft, witch, Baha'i, worship, Christian anti WiccanWiccan, Hate,  holy, America, Witchcraft, witch, Baha'i, worship, Christian

During early colonial America people were arrested and imprisoned under suspicion of Witchcraft, which was a capital offense. In Massachusetts over 150 people were arrested and 19 of the accused were executed. The reasons for accusations were epilepsy, hysteria over Native American attacks, encephalitis, and grain mold which has the chemical that is now known as LSD(1 ).

A woman in Papua New Guinea was bound, gagged and tied to a log and set on fire on a pile of tires, because its believed that the villagers suspected her of being a witch. Her death is part of a growing list of people who have been accused sorcery then tortured or killed in New Guinea (2 ).

A Wiccans doing their spring equinox ceremony were disrupted by blaring music and people shouting bible verses (3 ).

In Nigeria children have been declared witches because of self-styled religious leaders. Children have been thrown out of their homes tortured and killed due to them being declared witches. One "pastor" claimed to kill 110 children witches on a documentary, he then back tracked and claimed the killed the Witches inside the children (4 ).

In 2009 the murdering and persecution of women and children of being suspected witches in on the increase. The allegation is usually based on vague information. Jeff Crisp of the U.N.'s refugee agency UNHCR said "This is becoming an international problem -- it is a form of persecution and violence that is spreading around the globe," (5 ).


In 2008 seven leaders in the Baha'i community had been arrested. Held for 9 months without legal counsel, had formally been charged with "espionage". Iranian measures against Baha'i is they cannot attend public universities or work in public agencies, they have destroyed Baha'i places of worship, bulldozing Baha'i cemeteries, legally confiscating Baha'i property, and killing Baha'is with done with impunity (6 ).


There is a trial that could ban Scientology in France, magistrate Jean-Christophe Hullin filed the findings of his nine year investigation with persecutors. Magistrate Hullin described Scientology as "first and foremost a commercial business" whose relationship. Hullin also said it uses its bookstores and celebrities to entrap psychologically fragile people "with the goal of seizing their fortune by exerting a psychological hold.". So Scientology is now on trial for fraud in France (7 ).

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A gunman in Colorado planned to kill everyone who wasn't Christian. Derik Bonestroo, shot and killed the resort manger and was hear to proclaim "If you're not Christian, you're going to die," (8 ).

Wiccan, Hate,  holy, America, Witchcraft, witch, Baha'i, worship, Christian