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HITLER AND RELIGIONHITLER, RELIGION, Nazi, beliefs, theologians, Jesus, Aryan, Zentrum, Vatican, evangelical, God, moral

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The role of religion and the Nazis has been hotly debated. I Believe the truth is regardless of Hitler's own beliefs. He exploited religion and select religious figures choose to compromise their beliefs in the name of politics. They fused religion and politics.

Because of Protestant "German Christian" dislike for the former Weimar Republic and because they had extreme nationalistic views. They strongly embraced Hitler when he first came to power. Leading theologians tried to Germanise Christianity with debates like was Jesus Aryan or Jew, and whether to eliminate the Old Testament as an overtly Jewish book. In July of 1933 Hitler decided that the German Christian movement could help him 'co-ordinate' the Lutheran Churches, and he secured the election of Reich Bishop Muller as the leader of all 28 Protestant Churches. The Zentrum (the Catholic political party) Gave limited support to the Hitler Regime in return the Nazis sign a Concordat with the Vatican in July. This ended Catholic participation in German politics for control over its school and youth originations. When the Nazi came to power they recognized seven catholic feast days, and made the teaching of religion required in school. Storm troopers were encouraged to attend church services. An evangelical, Dr Kertz, wrote about the Nazis in 1933 that "We really have to thank God for the determined will of the government to purify and encourage family life ... Moreover it is a blessing for young people that there is now much more understanding for [the values of] order and discipline, self-denial and dedication to the Fatherland"(1 ).

A German moral theologian at Catholic University at Paderhorn, Joseph Mayer wrote an A opinion that Christian church would not forcefully protest the "mercy killing" of German adults. After this Hitler issued a Degree that started his mercy killing program (2 ).

During a field service for Nazi peasants on October 1 1933 Pastor Von Stein said " Germany was dying a death of hopelessness. Then God took pity. He called saviour into action. That saviour's name is Adolf Hitler." Church Councillor Richard Leutneusser. of Saalflield, spoke of the relationship between Jesus, Hitler and German Christians, he said "Christ has come to us through Adolf Hitler. He was the decisive personality when a whole people was ready to go under. Through Hitler's energy, his honesty, his faith and his idealism the saviour found his way to us."(3 )


HITLER, RELIGION, Nazi, beliefs, theologians, Jesus, Aryan, Zentrum, Vatican, evangelical, God, moral