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GERMAN/NAZI WITNESESGERMAN, NAZI, Hoess, imprisonment, Dr. Fritz Klein, Auschwitz, SS Doctor, Johann Kremer, Karl Doenitz, Jewry

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Hoess also said, "During the first weeks' imprisonment was quite tolerable, but suddenly the prison caretakers were changed people overnight. From their behavior and conversation, which I could not understand but could figure out, I could deduce that they wanted to "finish me off." On a regular basis I received the smallest piece of bread and barely a ladleful of their soup. Never again did I get a second portion, even though each day there were leftovers. These were distributed in the cells next to me. Whenever a guard wanted to open my cell to give me some of the leftover food, he was immediately whistled back. If the prosecutor's office had not intervened, they would have finished me off, most of all mentally and emotionally. They almost had me at the breaking point. This was not feeble hysteria. I was almost totally finished at that time, and I can stand quite a bit. Life had often enough been hard for me, but the psychological torture of these three Satan's was too much. I was not the only one who was mistreated like this. They also badly mistreated a few of the Polish prisoners. They have long since left this position and it is gratifyingly quiet. I have to openly confess I never would have expected to be treated so decently and so kindly in a Polish prison as I have been since the intervention of the prosecutor's office"(17 ).

A medical officer Dr. Fritz Klein at Auschwitz, was interrogated on May 1945. His confession said "I recognize that I am responsible for the laying of thousands, particularly in Auschwitz , as are all the others, from the top down."(18 ).

SS Doctor and Professor of Medicine Johann Kremer said in his diary on September 2 1942 "First time present at a special action at 3 a.m. Compared with this, Dante's Inferno seems to me a comedy. Not for nothing is Auschwitz called the 'extermination camp'!" (19 ).

Robert Ley, leader of the German Labor Front and a Reichsleiter said "we swear we are not going to Abandon the struggle until the last Jew In Europe has been exterminated and Is actually dead." Julius Strelcher , a general of the state police and a Jew-baiter--"the sun will not shine on the nations of the earth until the last Jew is dead." (20 ).

On April 29 1945 Karl Doenitz was appoint his successor by Hitler (21 ). Karl Donitz He shared the same hatred of the Jews. He said in 1944 "I would rather eat dirt than see my grandchildren grow up in the filthy, poisonous atmosphere of Jewry" (22 ).


GERMAN, NAZI, Hoess, imprisonment, Dr. Fritz Klein, Auschwitz, SS Doctor, Johann Kremer, Karl Doenitz, Jewry