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Dearest Boma Bear( Obama )intellectual, Obama, Warren, Blagojevich, Congress
Much is taking shape on how the next four years will be. Some choices are good, some are bad, some are beyond my intellectual scope. Like the choice of Pastor Rick Warren to give the inaugural invocation. I disagree with Rickie on most things, if not everything. Still he has a right to have his views and proclaim his views.

Still why was this choice made? I believe I found the answer, Pastor Warren said, "People always say, 'Rick, are you right wing or left wing?' I say 'I'm for the whole bird." (1 ). Wow an "animal act", or a bird act to be more precise. Are you going to have a bird ride a unicycle?

Finally remind Ricky the best marriage is a union of two people who became as one. Why? Because we couldn't imagine our life without them, also if they have a bird sized unicycle that would be great.

Boma, I warned you about channeling the Beatles. Again another Badenov wannabe, has appeared. Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich tried to sell your seat in Congress, or this is what is alleged. B0ma, unless you get a flying squirrel as a partner these near misses are going to get old (2).



intellectual, Obama, Warren, Blagojevich, Congress