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Threat assessmentTerrorism, ideology, Terrorist, domestic, civil war, United States, NATO, Federal agents, American extremist, bomb, anti government, Aryan Nations, nuclear, militia

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Terrorist don't believe that killing their enemies is immoral, they also have their own personal moral boundaries that they do not cross. Crossing a persons boundaries can cause then to quit the group (11 ).

People quit terrorist groups because they received what they had been promised. For those who live a double life the pressure can be enormous. They realize the groups goals are unattainable. Or the groups actions have reached the persons moral limits (12 ).

Terrorism researcher Del Khan who won honors in his research into the mindset of a terrorist said "But the simple fact of the matter is that terrorists are made, not born,". When trying to prevent people from becoming terrorist "Greater consideration should be given to the interaction between internal psychological factors, such as frustration, anger and resentment; and external sociological factors such as disfranchisement, stigma, and dehumanisation." And concluded "It is these factors that seem to leave individuals vulnerable to the advances of extremist groups."(13 ).

Its believed that the groups dynamics develop or intensify the groups extremist actions. Because they believe the risk is shared. Also as the group becomes more radical so do the individuals (14 ).

suicide bombers

To an outsider they are known as suicide bombers. Within the terror groups they are believed to be martyrs for the cause. The mindset of suicide and martyrdom are completely different.Suicide is associated with hopelessness and depression. But martyrdom with hope and self sacrifice (15 ).

Are religious dogmas the cause for suicide bombers? Consider that most suicide bombers have had one relative or close friend who has been killed, maimed, or abused at the hands of enemies. Other more human factors may be in play when people become suicide bombers (15 ).

Suicide bombers may also be motived by having their life mean something (16 ).

The terrorist right dead or just napping?

When certain factors are met, and the "right" ( wrong for humanities sake) people meet and prepare them, the results can be deadly.

In the 1990's America's right wing of the anti government movement was enormous. Then on 9-11-2001 terrorist attacked. John Trochmann who help found Militia of Montana said about 9-11 "Boy, did it ever change things." Some say that 9-11 diverted the rage of disaffected Americans away from the U.S. government and toward foreigners. Another factor could be when theories like Y2K failed to materialize. senior analyst at the liberal Political Research Associates Chip Berlet noted "Many of the people had such huge egos that they didn't know how to work together and keep the movement going," and concluded "So it basically unraveled.". Another factor that may contributed to the above was the right had control of the government, and this were less disenfranchised (17 ).

As what could have been expected people visiting and visiting right wing sites surged after Obama's election (18 ).


Terrorism, ideology, Terrorist, domestic, civil war, United States, NATO, Federal agents, American extremist, bomb, anti government, Aryan Nations, nuclear, militia