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women, Pornography, x rated, feminism, crime, sexual, molesters,  sex, aggression Pornographywomen, Pornography, x rated, feminism, crime, sexual, molesters,  sex, aggression

Opinion of women

Researchers said about men and x rated material "These findings suggest that greater exposure to pornography did not result in more negative opinions toward feminism or to a greater acceptance of marital or date rape. Men who voluntarily rent greater numbers of sexually explicit videos of their choosing in a non-experimental setting do not appear any more likely to have negative attitudes toward feminism or condone violence against women than those who rent fewer X-rated videos. "(16 ).


A study " found the frequency of the use of pornography, age of exposure to pornography, age of first masturbation experience, and the use of pornography during the first masturbation experience, for sex offenders paraphiliacs, and sexual dysfunction patients and controls not significantly different."(17 ).

Another study compared a group of child molesters and a control group,they found "Frequency of adult use of sexually explicit material does not differ significantly among groups."(18 ).

Other research failed to find a link between "sexually explicit"material and reports of rape and other sex crimes(19 ).

One study even showed a decrease in sex crimes when pornography was made readily available(20 ).

Other researchers looked for a link between pornography and aggression they didn't find it(21 ).

This is also confirmed by researchers also reviewing the literature on the effect of pornography and sexual aggression and they said pornography did not play a key role in sexual aggression (22 ).

Research found "That there was 'no evidence to date that exposure to explicit sexual materials plays a significant role in the causation of delinquent or criminal behavior among youths or adults.'" (23 ).

Ronald Dworkin noted there is "no respectable study or evidence has shown any causal link between pornography and actual violence." (24 ).

Researchers have also said "The concern that countries allowing pornography and liberal anti-obscenity laws would show increased sex crime rates due to modeling or that children or adolescents in particular would be negatively vulnerable to and receptive to such models or that society would be otherwise adversely effected is not supported by evidence." (25 )

Researchers also felt the way aggressive men interpret pornography might be different from the way other men interpret pornography (26 ).

Information on crimes against women and others

Some researchers feel that domestic violence is a learned trait for some people. Both victim and perpetrators learn it in their childhood from either witnessing or being part of it(27 ).

Researchers also note that domestic violence is about power and control (28 ).

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women, Pornography, x rated, feminism, crime, sexual, molesters,  sex, aggression