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POW/MIAMilitary, Reagan, Laos, POW's, Vietnam, American, MIA, POW, Armitage, Perot, Pentagon, families, lies

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President Reagan used another ploy. He enlisted to Junior congressmen Bill Hendon and John LeBoutillier. They made several trips to Laos in 1981 and 1982 to negotiate with Laotian officials like foreign minister Soubanh Srithirath and Dr Ponmek Dalaloy, the then vice-minister of public health and, according to intelligence sources, the physician in charge of the POWs' health after the end of the Vietnam War. Laos acknowledged they might be holding some POW's. The Laotian officials wanted compensation for the damage America had done to their country. When American officials would be willing to deal then they would go out and look for missing Americans(14 ).

Clinton appointed Bush Sr MIA envoy Gen. John Vessey. Critics claim, Mr Vessey too willing to accept Hanoi version of the truth such as worms ate there POW records(15 ).

Richard Armitage was a. assistant secretary of defense assigned to MIA work during the Reagan administration. POW MIA advocate Dallas billionaire H. Ross Perot charged Armitage with foot dragging on the MIA issue. Perot has also alleged that Armitage has been involved with drug smuggling in South East Asia during the 1970's (16 ).

A former Pentagon Chief of intelligence in charge of finding missing or captured accused the Bush (sr) Administration of using his office as as "a toxic waste dump to bury the whole `mess' out of sight and mind.". Though Bush described the issue as a matter of "the highest priority.", it was charged that that "the entire issue is being manipulated by unscrupulous people in the government or associated with the government." (17 ).

When POW MIA families when they interrupted President Bush (Sr) speech with shouts of "No more lies" and "Tell the truth," he, angrily snapped "Would you please shut up and sit down." (18 ).

A Congressional committee that was in charge of looking into the POW MIA issue was extremely divided committee source said "They're {POW-MIA politicians and activists} ultimately unpersuadable unless you do one thing for them, and that is produce a live American," and continued "If you don't do that you failed. If there isn't a live American to produce you have a problem." Senator Robert C. Smith (R-N.H.) believes there is "overwhelming" evidence of POW MIA in South East Asia and said "I'm telling you, they're there."(19 ).

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Military, Reagan, Laos, POW's, Vietnam, American, MIA, POW, Armitage, Perot, Pentagon, families, lies