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Fairbanks Daily Newsminer Oct 20 1998,
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To the editor:

After reading state Elections Pamphlet, and listening to debate on Ballot Measure 2 "Constitutional Amendment Limiting Marriage," it appears some of the proponents' messages are obviously flawed.

Proponents state homosexuals are trying to assert their will on the heterosexual population. At least they do not knock upon my door early morning to hand me pamphlets on the glory their lifestyle. Nor do they attempt to recruit me into their way of life. The Mormon Church not only does these things they also send their children to the door, in hopes they will not be turned away as would an adult. The Mormon Church is now attempting to propagandize the Alaska public and buy the Alaskan vote with a half million dollar donation for the "yes on two" campaign.

We need only look as far as the young man in Wyoming who was tortured due to his homosexuality, to understand the hate and spiritual weakness this amendment would encourage, gall and arrogance was adequately displayed by the "alleged Christian" church whose member held protest at the funeral of the young man in front of a grief stricken family. Was such action the reason "Jesus wept"? These people certainly have no right to pray or ask blessing from the God I know.

Legislators have taken an oath to serve the citizens of the state. We already have a law on the books that limit marriage to one man and one woman. Changing the constitution would be foolhardy. Yet today, many legislators are attempting to force their personal agenda and/or religious beliefs on all citizens, no matter the citizens personal convictions. Others are merely attempting to dupe the voters into believing they have pious leanings because they believe that the mood of the voter. One day we may get an honest legislature that works for Alaskans and not their re-election.