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Disciples of the Dragon the R-13 FACTOR II OR THE BEAST REMAINS THE SAMEconspiracy, american history, governmental abuse, cointelpro, CIA, FBI

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Until we learn, and educate to ourselves. Then become an unrelenting force against the powers that be. The power that be, will be in power.

The CIA also had domestic operations to harass American dissidents with projects like Merrimac, Project Resistance, and Operation Chaos would all be legal now because of Reagan's E.O. 12333. Yet all of this is against the C.I.A. Charter. The C.I.A. is not the only agency to terrorize Americans citizens. Most Agencies have done their part like National Security Agency had project Minaret which illegally monitored telephone, and telegraph communications of Americans who had unpopular views.

The Chicago Police planned a raid of Black Panther member ( Black Panthers est. 1966, by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale) Fred Hampton in mid Nov. 1969 Cointelpro specialist agent Roy Mitchell met with William O'Neal Infiltrator/Provocateur.

During the meeting O'Neal gave Mitchell a floor plan of Hamptons Apartment. Then on the night of Dec, 3 1969 O'Neal slipped Hampton a massive dose of secobarbital in Hamptons Kool-Aid this rendered Hampton comatose in his bed.

During the raid. Hampton was shot 3 times in the chest, then two more times in the back of the head. Thus killing a comatose man.

FBI infiltrator Melvin "cotton" Smith gave FBI a cardboard Mock-up of B.P.P. member Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt for a 5:30 am Dec 8 1969 police raid. unknown to police Geronimo was sleeping on the floor so the ensuing gun fire miss him.

The Black Panther party were charged with assaulting a police officers. All but Mr Pratt were acquitted. Police infiltrator George Sams a former psychiatric patient had a young BPP recruit chain to bed scaled him with boiling water, killed and thrown into a swamp.

Cointelpro officially began on the left on May 9 1968 with a memo to W.C. Sullivan . This entailed. The FBI has "planted" drugs on law abiding citizens with unpopular views. As Frank Donner an expert political surveillance and counter intelligence said in 1971. "the Pot bust has become a punitive sanction against political dissent and the threat of prosecution (on drug charges) is a favorite method of 'hooking' students informers.

Hoover sent a Sept. 9 1968 letter ordering the destruction of the Alternative Press's Liberation News service to the New York FBI's SAC. To bring this about the FBI started bogus arrest of workers of the news service.


conspiracy, american history, governmental abuse, cointelpro, CIA, FBI