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Disciples of the Dragon the R-13 FACTOR II OR THE BEAST REMAINS THE SAMEamerica, government, U.S. Army, radical, informer, FBI, informant, CIA, AIM, GOON squad

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The Army was also used in many aspects of civilian rule. The U.S. Army used 1,000 investigators, 300 officers, 210,000 dossiers on organizations 80,000 Biographical files had been composed. In 1968 more Army counter intelligence Analysis branch personal monitored domestic protest, than any other counter intelligence operation including Vietnam. under orders from Johnson, the NSA started project Minaret kept files on 75,000 opponentes of the Johnson administration including members of congress.

On the night of January 9 1972 shots where fired in the home windows of a radical Econ Professor of San Diego State University Peter G Bohmer. One shot fired hit a friend Paula Tharp permanently disabling her. This was done by The SAO.

The FBI, and Seattle informer Alfred Burnett Lured Eugene Ward age 22 Vietnam vet wounded in action, into planting a bomb on the morning of May 15 1970 The informer payed Ward 75.00, gave him the bomb and transportation. Ward was shot and killed after He "fled" on foot he was unarmed . Brunett said "The police wanted a bomber, and I got one for them. I didn't know Larry Ward would be killed." The Seattle police dept John Williams blamed the FBI He said "As Far as I can tell Ward was relatively decent Kid. Somebody set this whole thing up and it wasn't the Seattle police dept."

In other acts of terrorism Charles Grimm who was a Police/FBI informant at the Campus University of Alabama Tuscaloosa burned Dessler hall on campus on May 18 1970, by the Direction of the FBI Grimm claimed.

Even men of God have been involved in repressive agencies. Institute on Religion and Democracy has strong CIA Ties. In 1975 issue Christianity Today estimated that 10-25% of U.S. Protestant and Catholic Missionaries had given information to the CIA and intelligence community. World Medical Relief was a conduit for the CIA Army in Laos in the 50's and 60's. World Vision was responsible for gather information for the CIA after American troops left Vietnam. The far east Broadcasting company started by Bob Bowman, and John Brogerom in July, 29 1949 boasted of working with the CIA.

On May 1976 through the next 36 months over 60 AIM supporters on or near the Pine Ridge reservation where murdered non of which ever solved. A minimum 342 violent assaults, by "GOON squad" members. this gave Pine Ridge a murder rate of 170 to 100,000, higher than Detroit 20.2, ( murder capital of the U.S.)and the national at the time was 9.7.

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america, government, U.S. Army, radical, informer, FBI, informant, CIA, AIM, GOON squad