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Disciples of the Dragon the R-13 FACTOR II OR THE BEAST REMAINS THE SAMEamerica, government, D.E.A., Drug warrior, C.I.A., drug, Pseudo Miranda, MK-ULTRA, FBI, Klaus Barbie

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D.E.A. Super cop Michael Levine said that a fellow Dedicated Drug warrior, and DEA agent Sante Barrio got too close to a C.I.A. drug operation. The agent died from a poisoned sandwich in a Texas border town.

Also in south American drug activities Klaus Altmann a CIA Asset ( a.k.a. Klaus Barbie Nazi war criminal) recruited the Los Novios De La Muerte a para military group for the Bolivian Cocaine coupe.

Kenneth C Bucchi reported an operation called Pseudo Miranda which was a CIA operation to suspend the civil rights of certain drug traffickers, while aiding others. To develop a monopoly of drug dealers.

The DEA has claimed that the CIA has blocked 27 drug case's. The CIA also sponsored the Afghan Golden Cresten which started under Carter hauling arms, and continued under Reagan it ended up hauling heroin. Kerry's Senate committee said that 50-100 Contra aircraft carried Marijuana, and cocaine.

MK-ULTRA had 175 so far we have been informed of 6 of these include experiments with swine fever, Dengue fever both deadly disease's, psychedelic drugs, on American and other groups. Epidemic of whooping cough where started to see what would happen to the children, with no regard to the weaker one who might die. An Anthrax virus that went wrong and cause a part of a building to be shut down for years.

On Sept 1988 William Sessions Director of the FBI said he was disciplining FBI officials who he found improperly targeted CISPES and 60 other civil organizations.

In other Government wrong doing New Hampshire machinist Bruce Lovoie was killed in his Hudson residence after police broke down his door with a battering ram this was done on a 20 month old informant tip.

The owner of a Detroit food mart had his receipts seized and was held after a "drug Dog" "hit" on 3 one dollar bills.

Michael Stewart 25 died after hogtied, and in a coma. He was dropped off at Belview hospital. The arrested for scrawling graffiti on a subway wall. it took 11 cops to make this arrest.

On the other end of the economic spectrum, we have Donald Scott of Malibu California the 61 year old millionaire was shot dead while lowering a gun he was ordered to by police.

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america, government, D.E.A., Drug warrior, C.I.A., drug, Pseudo Miranda, MK-ULTRA, FBI, Klaus Barbie