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Disciples of the Dragon the R-13 FACTOR II OR THE BEAST REMAINS THE SAMEamerica, government, raid, Marijuana, District Attorney, President Reagan, FDA, MYK-78

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During a raid to search for 50 -100 Marijuana plants reportedly growing on his 200 acre ocean front ranch, a ranch that Mr Scott had battled the feds for years, the Ranch was Valued at 5 million dollars . refusing to sell. It was also mentioned before the raid that the feds could seize the Scott ranch. "District Attorney Michael Bradbury ... concluded that the real motive behind the raid was not a search for drugs, but the raiders' desire to seize Mr Scotts property under the federal forfeiture laws" wrote Gideon Caner a Law prof. at Loyola law school in L.A. This and thousands of others have lost their property due to forfeiture laws pass by President Reagan in his war on Drugs. The results of these laws are 80% of people who have property seized are never charged with any crime. Between 1985 and 1989 the value of total federal forfeitures went from 27 million to 644 million. an increase of 2,400 %.

In the surreal war on other dangerous substances FDA commissioner David Kessler Said " The American public does not have the knowledge to make wise health care decisions... FDA is the arbiter of the truth... Trust us. We will tell you what's good for you... I am a baby doctor". Both Democrats, Republican, conservatives, liberal, Bush, and Clinton . Have joined forces in seemingly a long-term goal to drastically restrict health foods, Vitamins, Herbs, minerals, and the list goes on. Using battering rams such as the Nutritional Labeling and education Act 1990. Armed agents led assaults on health food stores, nutritional clinics, and pharmacies across the nation look for "mislabeled supplements".

In an example of Orwellian Double speak The Clinton administration pushed an encryption Chip. Thus insuring everyone with a P.C. Privacy against snooping. MYK-78 ( Clipper Chip). Yet with the government as the developers of the Chip. Knowing the ways to access your files. The chip has met with a storm of controversy From Anarchist, to the religious right people have come forward against the Chip. From The grateful dead's John Perry Barlow to Rush Limbaugh. A group Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility circulate an anti clipper petition that gathered 40,000 signatures a June 2 1994 article in the New York Times reported that Matthew Blaze a Tech AT and T bell lab developed a way to out smart the Chip by creating a bogus Law enforcement access field. Oops this could send the Chip back to the drawing board. It makes me wonder if the Government wants protect the secrecy of it citizens why has it fought to try to keep other Private encryption programs off the market. like one distributed by an Anarchist news paper the Shadow( Shadow press, P.O. Box 20298, NY NY 10009) its called P.G.P it sells for $10.00 plus one dollar postage and handling. Could it be that this and other programs are out of there control?

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america, government, raid, Marijuana, District Attorney, President Reagan, FDA, MYK-78