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Disciples of the Dragon the R-13 FACTOR II OR THE BEAST REMAINS THE SAMEamerica, government, NBC, Fascism, Pandora, CIA

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NBC is owned by General Electric, a major defense dept contractor. Kathrine Graham of the Washington post, and Newsweek commented her editors at the Washington post and news week would " cooperate with national security interest".

For now and the Future we have moved into a bold area of Hi-tech Fascism. Robert Naseslund Reported as part an experiment he had transmitters put in his head at Soder hospital Stockholm Sweden. He made the round at various hospitals for help in confirming his suspicions, and removal of the brain Transmitters. He met with a brick wall until he contacted prf. P. A. Lindstrom at the University of California San Diego. Lindstrom wrote in one of his many statements " I can only confirm that some foreign objects most likely brain transmitters, have been implanted at the base of your frontal brain and skull. In my opinion, their is no excuse for such implantations. I fully agree with Lincoln Lawrence who in his book on page 27, wrote 'there are two particularly dreadful procedures which have been developed, those working and playing with them secretly call them R.H.I.C. and E.D.O.M.-Radio-hypnotize intracerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory.' These, are well as E.B.S. Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, constitute what is included in biomedical telemetry, the complete mind control". 10 other doctors have backed up his (Robert Naselund) claims. Eldon Byrd while working for Navel Surface Weapons, of Non Lethal Weapons was commissioned to developed a electromagnetic weapons for "riot control". Byrd found that electromagnetic field can have an effect on living things. In part he wrote "At a certain frequency and power intensity, they could make an animal purr, lay down, and roll over." Jose Delgado advocate psycho civilized society through mind control. Stated Brain implants where no longer necessary. Since the development EMF( electromagnetic fields) to control behavior.

Scientist Allen Frey, of Randomline inc., had along time interest in low intensity micro waves. During project Pandora ( Pandora a government sponsored project that ran from 1965 to 70. to determine the health and psychological effects of low level radiation) Mr Frey found how to induce heart seizures, create a leak in the brain barrier which would cause neurological damage,or behavior disorders. Dr frey also worked in a research project that pacify rats with low intensity microwaves. Dr. Sharp another researcher AT Walter Read Army institute with the Pandora project his research included finds that humans could recognize spoken words via Microwave transmission. CIA Plans Director Richard wrote in the mid 60's that a sophisticated ways to code information for the transmission to population targets.


america, government, NBC, Fascism, Pandora, CIA