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Disciples of the Dragon: The R-13 factorAmerica, E.O. 12065, Carters, E.O. 12556, FOIA, Reagan

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Carters E.O. 12065 (7-3-78), required anything that was classified as confidential would have to show identifiable damage to national security. If damage could not be proved the document could not be classified. Thus again strengthening FOIA.

Reagan greatly weaken the act once more by signing E.O. 12556 on April 9 1983. This action allowed the FBI to withhold information as they saw fit.

Under both liberal and conservative administrations, over many decades of freedom, personal rights, have continually been Jeopardized. This has been especially so with people who have thoughts, ideals, and morals that run counter to the power structures wishes.


America, E.O. 12065, Carters, E.O. 12556, FOIA, Reagan