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race, heredity, White, Black, negro, slave trade, hate crimes, racism, attacked, kill whitey, riotingOne Race

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The concept of race and heredity has been one of the most hot button and divisive issues to face humankind. Millions have been harassed, tortured, assaulted and even died because of race.

The issued start long before America had even been thought of as a independent country. African slaves arrived on the American continent (Virginia) in 1619, A year before the Pilgrims arrived. Eleven years later there was court action over fornication between a White and a Black person. In this 1630, colonist Hugh Davis was sentence to be whipped before an assembly of blacks and others for "abusing himself to the dishonor of God and shame of Christianity by defiling his body in lying with a negro.". Of the children born from these unions the law said the child's status free or slave all hinged the race of the biological mother. Mixing of the races was a problem from the of the slave trade historian Robert Sheffield said, "[t]he crossing of the two races commenced at the very out-start of the vile slave trade that brought [African slaves] thither . . . indeed in those days many a regress was landed upon our shores already impregnated by someone of the demoniac crew that brought her over."(1).

Despite opinions of some, there accounts of hate crimes, against whites and whites aren't the only ones to be arrested for these crimes as these statistics from the FBI in 2004 (2) illustrate.
Incidents of hate crimes
Anti-White 829
Anti-Black 2,731
Anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native 83
Anti-Asian/Pacific Islander 217
Anti-Multiple Races, Group 182
Offenders race
White 4,327
Black 1,408
American Indian/Alaskan Native 48
Asian/Pacific Islander 70
Multiple Races, Group 367
Unknown Race 925

A riot over perceived racism at the Cincinnati Police Department lead to rioting . Mob hysteria set in, much like the hysteria that has led to lynching of blacks. Whites were attacked seemingly only on the basis of their skin color. Robert Stearns a truck driver from Kentucky as attacked by a mob(3). As he was dragged from his vehicle and beaten a crowd of people cheered "kill whitey". This wasn't the only incident of hate crimes during this riot (4). The aftermath of the rioting led to arrests and convictions of hate crimes. The majority of the people arrested and convicted of hate crimes for this incident were young and black (5 ).


race, heredity, White, Black, negro, slave trade, hate crimes, racism, attacked, kill whitey, rioting