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Race, DNA, biologically, racial, Genetics, Crime, crime gene, debunked, blacks, geneticistOne Race

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Kenneth Kidd, a geneticist from Yale University compared DNA samples from all over the world his conclusion was "Race is not biologically definable, we are far too similar,"(15 ).

Michael Bamshad, a researcher in genetics and a professor of pediatrics University of Washington Medical Center said race was "somewhat arbitrary definition of population boundaries." (16).

The New England Journal of Medicine "race is biologically meaningless." An Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes said, "There's no genetic basis for any kind of rigid ethnic or racial classification at all," (17).

Crime and Genetics

The ideas of racial purity superiority have been disproved on scientific grounds (18 ).

The belief of there being a "crime gene" is in part to studies that involved twins. A few have been used to show such a gene, but these studies have been debunked. One researcher an English scientist Cyril Burt, was totally discredited for using fabricated data for his study that supposedly proved that certain races were inherently born with low intelligence, leading to their "propensity" to commit crime (19).

Another bit of evidence that is used to point to a crime gene is that blacks are arrested at a higher rate. If this is so then the arrest rate between blacks and whites should be relatively stable. But in 1933 blacks were incarcerated at twice the rate of whites. In 1995 blacks are incarcerated at eight times the rate of whites. This change should not have happened if the cause of arrests was due to genetics(20 ).

Gregory Carey, a behavioral geneticist at the University of Colorado said about looking for a "crime gene ", "In terms of prevention, this research means absolutely nothing,". Frank Zimring, a criminologist at the University of California School of Law said "Crime will never be very important to genetics because criminals are far too normal. But that's OK because genetics could never be too important to crime prevention," (21 ).

Even basing too much of your policy "risk factor's" can be hazardous due to false positives and false negatives can be very high. A study showed that only 1 in 10 people could correctly be identified as homicide offenders when risk factor analysis was used (22 ).

Humans and the deeds and misdeeds can have very complex roots.

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Race, DNA, biologically, racial, Genetics, Crime, crime gene, debunked, blacks, geneticist