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Christian Identity/British IsraelismGerald L.K. Smith, Republicans, conservative, Jewish, Christian Identity, Charles E. Coughlin, radio, Henry Ford

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In 1890 Rev. W. H. Poole published a book of his lectures is was called Anglo-Israel in Nine Lectures. The lectures were given across Ontario and Quebec (12).

C. A. L. Totten was another British Isaelism figure. He was a professor from Yale, even though the relationship was tenuous(13).

British Israelism/Christian Identity Post 1900's:

The importance of Gerald L. K. Smith was the most prominent anti Semite until his death in 1976. He was a major campaigner for right wing agenda and was on mobilizing Christian Identity figures in the West on behalf of his own political goals. He gave coherence to a fragmented movement that many times as in danger of fragmenting (14).

Gerald L.K. Smith campaigned against Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1936 presidential elections. He was also a close friend of US Senator Huey Long he was next to Long when he was shot. His association with Long helped him gain notoriety. In the late 1930 and 1940's he could fill stadiums and auditoriums tens of thousands of enthusiastic listeners. He used his humor and showmanship, to excite the crowd (15).

He was born in Pardeeville Wisconsin in February of 1898. His father was a door to door salesman both were fundamentalist ministers and conservative Republican (16 ).

The populist movement had an effect on him, and was filled with contradictions. He favored industrial regulation, co-operative agricultural marketing and humanitarian social legislation, while on the other hand it sought to restore the idealized past of the yeoman farmer (17 ).

Smith lived on the edge of poverty and his father L.Z. Smith, blamed their difficulties on a conspiratorial alliance of Jewish bankers, railroad barons, business monopolists and politicians who had sold out to these interests. This is why he believed in Long's Philosophy redistributing the riches, fortunes (18 ).

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gerald l.k. smith, republicans, conservative, jewish, christian identity, charles e. coughlin, radio, henry ford