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Christian Identity/British IsraelismChristian Identity, British Israelism, concept, Genetics, DNA, Jews, Genetics, European ancestry

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Howard Benjamin Rand was a lawyer, inventor and headed Anglo-Saxon Federation of America, a Supremacist group. He also ran for Massachusetts attorney general in 1944, 1946, 1950 and 1952 Prohibition Party ticket. He claimed to be a direct descendent of King David. He invented his own headlight design and refused 100,000 the right to remake the design he also shared a patent on a device to remove carbonized material from textiles (27 ).

William Gale (1916-1988)was born on November 20, 1916, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His father was a policeman who as a teenager rode with Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders in Cuba. Gale was raised in a military environment and joined the reserves. In reserves in 1932 he as commissioned as a second LT in the regular Army. He served as staff aide to General Douglas MacArthur during World War II and participated in the liberation of the Philippines. he was promoted to LT colonel. After the war he was on MacArthur's staff running the Japanese government. Gale retired from the military in 1950. After his retirement he read a book by Charles Totten and converted to Anglo-Israelism in 1946. two members of his church were Richard Girnt Butler, later head of the Aryan Nations, and Tom Metzger, later head of the White Aryan Resistance (WAR)(28 ).

William J. Cameron was also a believer in anti semetic version of with British-Israelism (29 ).

Armstrong, Herbert W. was the leader of the Worldwide Church of God, and he also became well known by his radio program "the world tomorrow". His son Garner Ted took the helm after his father. The whole ministry Relied heavily on British Israelism (30 ).

What are we do we make of this? A concept that seems ridiculous, but has lasted for hundreds of years in one form or other the other.

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Christian Identity, British Israelism, concept, Genetics, DNA, Jews, Genetics, European ancestry