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Sex WorkSex work, legal, illegal, sexual, stigma, Mothers, parent, violent crimes

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Sex work is a term that is used to describe a board spectrum of employment both legal and illegal and it covers employment that is of a sexual nature. Society has placed a stigma on this category of work.

Researchers note "The struggle against social stigma of sex workers and the reduction or prevention of negative social reactions toward them should be an additional aim of any policy working toward improvement of sex workers' social status and well-being."(1 ).

Laws against various types of sex work do not protect the workers themselves. The illegality of the work its self may prevent the worker from reporting act of violence against them. these sanctions may add to the workers low self-esteem (2 ).

Mothers who are sex workers may not seek out services and protection for themselves or there children because of a fear they could be deemed a unfit parent for their children. This can only make self improvement, betterment whatever these maybe more difficult to obtain (3 ).

Stigmas can cause people to excuse violent crimes against sex workers. For example Some people can see prostitutes as unrapeable, and no harm can be done to a prostitute or prostitutes deserved to raped (4 ).

A study showed that 21.4 percent of women working as escorts had been raped 10 times or more. Rapes beating and other abuses against sex workers are rarely prosecuted (5 ).

Sex work covers any work that is sexual in nature. This covers phone sex, cyber sex to prostitution and beyond. The following is an overview of exotic dancing, strip or whatever you want to call it.

Male regulars at strip clubs said one reason they went to clubs to relax. Overall the assumption that customers of the sex industry have unhappy, unsatisfying, or troubled marriages is Problematic(6 ).


Sex work, legal, illegal, sexual, stigma, Mothers, parent, violent crimes