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They Slew a dreamerMartin Luther King, James Earl Ray, King Assassination, Ray, KKK, CIA, DEA, rifle, FBI, US Army

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Veteran DEA agent retired, Michael Levine reported in his book 'deep cover' that the Roberto Suarez organization began a revolution, aided by the CIA. The revolution ousted the government that had assisted the DEA drug investigations. At revolutions end, along with the mass deaths of Bolivians, drug traffickers gained control of Bolivia's Suarez organization. Levine also said Lt Col Oliver North was given classified information from the DEA. From these facts he learned Barry Seal was an informant who infiltrated the Medellin Drug Cartel. Mr North requested that Mr Seal be used in Norths Central American activities. North Threatened to blow Mr Seals cover if this did not occur. It didn't. Barry Seal's cover was exposed Barry Seal was assassinated.


James Earl Ray, first purchased then exchanged a rifle, giving the sales people a better chance to Identify him. Why? The Original rifle would have been more than adequate to kill King. If he were the sole assassin why wouldn't he get the right gun in the first place? Ray said a Shadowy figure named Raoul told him to get the new gun. Raoul is the person Ray claimed to be the king pin behind the assassination of King.

Former FBI agent Donald Wilson claimed that after the assassination he removed an envelope from Ray car that had two pieces of paper that had the name "Raul" handwritten on them (15 ).

Arthur Haines Sr, member of defense team exploring evidence, listen to tapes of the police broadcast on the night in question. At 6:10 a call came over the radio that the suspect (Kings Assassin) was driving a white mustang. According the official account, no one could have informed the police what Kings assassin was driving, as no one knew who killed King minutes after the assassination. Later reports were made that the mustang was teenagers messing around. Why was there never an arrest, or a real investigation into this alleged prank.

The US Army had its own domestic surveillance program on American citizens. This program had been operational long before the King assassination. The justification for the program was given by Maj. Gen. William P. Yarborough the Armys top spy he said "The Army was over a barrel," and also said . "Blacks were using the uncertainty of the Vietnam period and taking advantage of it. You couldn't expect people to be rational and look at this in a cool way. We were trying to fight a war at the same time where the home base was being eroded.". The day King was killed the Army had eight Green Beret soldiers watching him (16 ).

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Martin Luther King, James Earl Ray, King Assassination, Ray, KKK, CIA, DEA, rifle, FBI, US Army