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They Slew a dreamerGrace Stephens, FBI, Memphis Police, Charles Q Stephens, assassination, assassin, King, Rev Jesse Jackson

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witnesses or people who should have been

Grace Stephens the only person to see who left the bathroom at the rooming house said it was not Ray. The bathroom was where the Kings Shooter allegedly took his fatal shot. The FBI and the Memphis Police threaten to put her in a mental hospital if she didn't say it was Ray (24 ).

Another possible witness Charles Q Stephens, Graces Husband, was intoxicated at the time of the assassination, and was not wearing his glasses. These factors would have made a positive ID of the assassin by Charles near impossible. Grace had repeatedly refused to ID Ray as the man she saw in the rooming house with what appeared to be a rifle.

Even artist sketches of the alleged assassin handed out soon after the murder, didn't look anything like Ray.

Why was security reduced before the assassination? Detective Ed Reddit, and W.B. Richmond where the sole security for King provided by the city police. On all other occasions security numbered ten. Approximately 30 minutes before the assassination, Mr Reddit was ordered to go home. The Secret Service informed his supervisor he (Reddit) had hit placed on him.

Memphis Police Department detective Ed Redditt was ordered home by Memphis Police Department Intelligence Officer Eli Arkin and Memphis Police and Fire Director Frank Holloman, who was a retired FBI agent(25 ).

Rev Jesse Jackson who was with King at the time of the assassination said on a national broadcasted News show "All I know is that police were all around. You had literally 100 to 150 police in the area, and they didn't see anybody(26 ).

Former New York Times reporter Earl Caldwell (who was at ground level) said "I'm in the doorway. Then I see this figure directly at eye length coming out of a crouched position in these bushes. When you look directly across from my doorway, you were looking at thicket." Caldwell also said Kings driver Soloman Jones told him later he saw a figure and puffs of smoke coming from the same bushes. Caldwell told Forrest Sawyer that at least half a dozen people saw someone crouched in the same bushes some even saw a gun (27 ).

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Grace Stephens, FBI, Memphis Police, Charles Q Stephens, assassination, assassin, King, Rev Jesse Jackson