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They Slew a dreamerDepositions, FBI, assassination, King, assassins, Central Intelligence Agency

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Depositions made by King's chauffeur in Memphis Solomon Jones to the FBI and to the Memphis police. It was dated April 13, 1968. he said he looked across Mulberry Street to the brushy area he said "he got a quick glimpse of a person with his back toward Mulberry Street.... This person was moving rather fast, and he recalls that he believed he was wearing some sort of light-colored jacket with some sort of a hood or parka." (28 ).

Why where others who might have interfered with the killers flight removed on the day of the assassination? Two such people were Mr Newsum and N.E. Wallace. Both firemen were stationed in plain view of the Lorrine Newsum and Wallace were strong supporters of King. They were activist. It is likely they would have done everything within their power to save King, or at the very least would have tried to stop the assassins escape. Oddly both were transferred by their supervisor to another fire station prior to the incident, and were returned a few days later.

The only other black firefighter at Fire Station 2, Norvell E. Wallace, said that he also received orders on the night of April 3 for a temporary transfer to a fire station far removed from the Lorraine Motel.

Wallace said about the reason for the transfer. "I guess it was because I was putting out fires,'" Wallace and continued "I have never to this day been given a satisfactory explanation." (29 ).

A 1993 affidavit from former SCLC official James Orange was read into the record. Orange said that on April 4, "James Bevel and I were driven around by Marrell McCollough, a person who at that time we knew to be a member of the Invaders, a local community organizing group, and who we subsequently learned was an undercover agent for the Memphis Police Department and who now works for the Central Intelligence Agency.... [After the shot, when Orange saw Dr. King's leg dangling over the balcony], I looked back and saw the smoke. It couldn't have been more than five to ten seconds. The smoke came out of the brush area on the opposite side of the street from the Lorraine Motel. I saw it rise up from the bushes over there. From that day to this time I have never had any doubt that the fatal shot, the bullet which ended Dr. King's life, was fired by a sniper concealed in the brash area behind the derelict buildings." (30 ).

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Depositions, FBI, assassination, King, assassins, Central Intelligence Agency