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1. "RETURN TO SOMALIA; Thirteen years ago, the US pulled out of the east African country after the bloody events that inspired 'Black Hawk Down'. Now it is back, supporting warlords in their battle with Islamist militants. The war on terror: A new front."(News) The Independent (London, England) June 2, 2006

2. "Ethiopia's Iraq" The Washington Post May 13, 2007

3. "CIA efforts in Somalia fail, report says." Xinhua News Agency June 8, 2006

4. Piracy compounds woes of 'failed state' Somalia; Ethiopia-backed government fights for control.(WORLD) The Washington Times December 4, 2008

5. "Human Rights Watch Urges Accountability, Reassessment of Somalia Priorities" Howard Lesser Washington, DC 09 December 2008Voice of America - USA

6. "Ethiopia Rejects Rights Report on Somalia as 'Politically-Motivated'" Peter Heinlein Addis Ababa 08 December 2008

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11. "Piracy Requires More Than Military Solution, Top Officials" Say Jim Garamone 04.18.2009 Systems - Atlanta,GA,USA

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13. Are Somalia's pirates linked to Al Qaeda By Scott Baldauf Christian Science Monitor November 2, 2009

14. Official: Somali group expected to join al-Qaida AP 3-10-2009

15. U.N. officials criticize U.S. restrictions on aid to Somalia By Sudarsan Raghavan Washington Post Thursday, February 18, 2010

16. Somalis reject Bin Laden threats 20 March 2009 BBC

17. "Somali cabinet votes to implement Islamic law" MOHAMED SHEIKH NOR and MOHAMED OLAD HASSAN AP

18. Danish cartoonist 'attack' foiled Saturday, January 02, 2010

19. Assassin shot in cartoonist's home has links to al-Qaida, say police Tracy McVeigh The Guardian (UK) Sunday 3 January 2010