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Abuse of civil libertiesTerrorism, FBI, Patriot Act, Department of Defense, DOD, terrorist threat, abuses, terrorist, improperly

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In 2008 the FBI admitted it improperly accessed Americans' telephone records, credit reports and Internet traffic. For example in 2005 there were more than 1,000 violations within 19,000 request to obtain 47,000 records. It has been reported that improvements have been made to prevent future lapses (8 ).

A 2010 report showed that the FBI broke the law by improperly gaining access to telephone in terror investigations. This in thousands of records and these infractions ran from 2003 to 2006. DOJ Inspector General Glenn Fine said, "This report examines in detail the flawed practices that the FBI used to obtain thousands of telephone records, and the accountability of FBI employees for these troubling practices,". Senator Patrick Leahy,, said: "When Americans break the law, there are consequences. No one in the FBI should be above the law." (9 ).

Even the smallest mistake on one of these laws can wreak havoc on someone's life. What about the enforcers of these laws. Have we hired the best for the war on terror?


Thousands of people have been erroneously linked to terrorist watch lists. An example is 30,000 airline passengers have asked the Transportation Security Administration to clear their name from the lists (10 ).

The Bush administration admitted to Secret prisons where suspected were subjected to "tough interrogation" techniques. He also called for the use of secret evidence, of hearsay and coerced testimony. The plan was for the suspects to tried by military tribunals(11 ).

Check and Balance?

President Bush claimed his has the right to "edit" Homeland Security Department's reports on whether they are obeying privacy rules when they are handling background checks, ID cards and watch lists. Congress has said only a privacy officer could alter, delay or prohibit the mandatory annual report on Homeland Security department activities that affect privacy, including complaints (12 ).

Former president Bush (jr) fired eight U.S. Attorneys. In the past twenty five years before Bush (jr) only president Reagan had fired US Attorneys and he had well documented and Reagan gave credible reasons (13 ).

How would the spots be filled? A report from the US Justice Departments Inspector General disclosed that the Justice Department used "political or ideological" factors on deciding to hire someone. People who had conservative points of view were hired over people who had leftist or liberal credentials (14 ).

It's been said the reasoning (by Bush et al) behind this is to hire "rock-solid Americans" who would be a "hugely positive legacy for this Administration."(15 ).

The Innocent

Federal anti terrorism laws give the US Government unchecked power over Muslim Charities. the American Civil Liberties Union said "It undermines America's image in the Muslim world, alienates Muslims in America ... and keeps charities from doing good work,", (16 ).

The American Muslim community was outraged when it discovered that it was under more surveillance then it was previously believed and it accused the FBI of "McCarthy-era tactics.". All in the name of the war on terrorism. One example is Craig Monteih trying to uncover terrorist plots, it should be know Mr. Monteih is a felon and was convicted of fraud for conning two women out of $150,000 dollars (17 ).As with any law, we should consider what happens when Muslims are no longer terrorist cause of the moment. Will this policy go away? No it will be waiting for the next grouped labeled as a terrorist threat.

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Terrorism, FBI, Patriot Act, Department of Defense, DOD, terrorist threat, abuses, terrorist, improperly