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Cyberterrorism, FBI, attacks, computer, DOS, DDoS, hackersCyberterrorismCyberterrorism, FBI, attacks, computer, DOS, DDoS, hackers

Net crime is bad enough, in 2002 the FBI and the Computer Security Institute said 90 percent of large corporations have been victimized by hackers. It is believed that US corporations are losing 100 billion a year to information thieves (1 ). Now we have many zealous people on a mission.

The word "Cyberterrorism" was coined by Barry C. Collin of the Institute Security and Intelligence (2).

Cyberterrorism is defined by National Conference of State Legislatures " as the use of information technology by terrorist groups and individuals to further their agenda. This can include use of information technology to organize and execute attacks against networks, computer systems and telecommunications infrastructures, or for exchanging information or making threats electronically. Examples are hacking into computer systems, introducing viruses to vulnerable networks, web site defacing, denial-of-service attacks, or terroristic threats made via electronic communication."

I use a few terms that some may not know what I mean and aren't fully explained else were on this page they are:
denial-of-service attack (DOS) and distributed denial-of-service attack(DDoS)

These attacks are done by hackers to flood the target computer with so many request for data it can't handle legitimate users. The difference between the two is DDoS comes from multiple computers. For more information you can go to United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) .


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Cyberterrorism, FBI, attacks, computer, DOS, DDoS, hackers