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Cyberspace, War, Cyber attacks, CIA, Chinese Hackers, DDOS attackWar in Cyberspace, a look at tactics and "threats"

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Attacks on entire countries have already happened.For the high-tech country like Estonia the internet is vital. In 2007 Estonia state websites and some private ones have been hit with "denial of service" attacks. This is when the target site is hit with so many bogus requests for information it crashes. It started April 27 over a conflict between Russia and Estonia over the removal of a Soviet war monument from the center of the capital, Tallinn. The removal sparked rioting and looting of the countries ethnic Russians they see it as wartime sacrifice. The Estonians see it as symbol of hated foreign occupation(28 ). The NATO alliance and the European Union sent information technology specialists to observe and assist during the attacks. These attacks have disrupted government e-mail and led financial institutions to shut down online banking (29 ).

Roberto Preatoni (aka SyS64738)the founder of Zone-H, a cyber crime monitoring site and WabSabiLabi, a trading site for security researchers said, "I'm afraid we will have to get used to this. We had all been waiting for this kind of attack to happen. Estonia was just unfortunate to be the first country to experience it. But very soon, our own [western] companies and countries will be getting attacked for political and religious reasons. This kind of attack can happen at any time. And it will happen,"(30 ).

Past incidents of cyber "terrorism".

A hacker who is allegedly tied to White Supremacist temporarily disabled a Massachusetts Internet Service Provider (ISP) in 1996. The provider tried to stop the hacker from sending out racist messages worldwide under the ISP name. the hacker signed off with this threat, "you have yet to see true electronic terrorism. This is a promise."(31 ).

In what intelligence authorities say is the first (1998) known terrorist attack against government computers the "Tamil guerrillas" flooded Sri Lankan embassies with 800 e-mails a day over a two-week period. The message they sent was "We are the Internet Black Tigers and we're doing this to disrupt your communications." (32 ).

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