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hackers, Internet, computers, email bombs, denial-of-service, DDoS, sites, CyberPast incidents of cyber "terrorism"hackers, Internet, computers, email bombs, denial-of-service, DDoS, sites, Cyber

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A hacker who is allegedly tied to White Supremacist temporarily disabled a Massachusetts Internet Service Provider (ISP) in 1996. The provider tried to stop the hacker from sending out racist messages worldwide under the ISP name. The hackers signed off with this threat, "you have yet to see true electronic terrorism. This is a promise."(1).

In what intelligence authorities say is the first (1998) known terrorist attack against government computers the "Tamil guerrillas" flooded Sri Lankan embassies with 800 e-mails a day over a two-week period. The message they sent was "We are the Internet Black Tigers and we're doing this to disrupt your communications." (2 ).

The Sri Lankan army's website army's web presence was targeted for "cyber terrorism". An example is the sites contents had been removed and been replace by gruesome photos of apparent victims of the civil war (3 ).

In 1998 Spanish protestors email bombed the Institute for Global Communications (IGC) with thousands of bogus email messages. The ISP email was tied up and unable to deliver emails to its users. Support lines were clogged. They clogged their web site with fake credit card orders. The protestors demanded they stop hosting the site Euskal Herria Journal a New York publication that supported Basque independence. The IGC finally pulled the site because of the email bombings (4 ).

In 1999 during the Kosovo conflict, NATO computers were hit with email bombs and denial-of-service attacks by hacktivists protesting the NATO bombings (5 ).

When a US Surveillance plane had a mid air collisions with a Chinese fighter plane on April 2001 it triggered mutual cyber attacks surrounding the political dispute between the two countries (6 ).

In 2002 several USA servers were hit with DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attack) attacks that appeared to come from South Korea. The cause for this could have been after Apolo Ohno won the gold medal in 1,500 meter speed skating race and was disqualified(7).


hackers, Internet, computers, email bombs, denial-of-service, DDoS, sites, Cyber