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cyber, terrorism, attack, distributed denial of service, computers, cyberattack, hackers, technologyPast incidents of cyber "terrorism"cyber, terrorism, attack, distributed denial of service, computers, cyberattack, hackers, technology

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The country of Kyrgyzstan was attacked by a "cyber-militia" with massive distributed denial of service attacks that lasted for a two week period security experts blamed "Russia's cyber underground."(19 ).

The largest US military base in Afghanistan in November 2008. this virus affected close to three quarters of the computers on the base. This wasn't the first cyberattack earlier incarnations of this virus had exported information such as truck convey and troop movements there. Its not clear what information was exported during the November attack or if any had. Officials believe the attack originated in China and it was unclear if this was a Chinese government action or was done by private hackers (20 ).

In the Spring of 2007 the pentagon has to take 1500 computers offline because of hackers working on behalf of the Chinese government and military (21 ).

An Operation based in China called GhostNet, infiltrated more than 1,000 computers in 100 countries. the targets were politicians, diplomats and journalists, they were targeted since 2007 in the hopes of gaining sensitive information (22 ).

Researchers in Canada discovered A Chinese based internet spy network infiltrated Canadian government computers. Ron Deibert, one of the lead researchers said "Cyberspace is a domain that's increasingly militarized," and "It's an object of geopolitical contestation. There is a real arms race going on."(23 ).

On April 4 2009 it was declared that the Pentagon spent more than 100 million in the last six months on cyber attacks and other computer problems. The money was spent on manpower, computer technology and contractors hired to clean up after external probes and internal mistakes. Officials would not elaborate on how much of this 100 million was spent on attacks outside the system versus viruses and other problems triggered accidentally by Defense Department employees(24 ).

Hackers hacked the US power grid, and left behind malicious programs that would allow them to disrupt America's electric power supply. An official said about the security of the power grid "The vulnerability may be bigger than we think," and concluded "almost without a doubt" done by state sponsors (25 ).

Hackers gained control of American air traffic control system and caused a partial shutdown of the system in Alaska (26).

After hotly contested election in (in 2009) Iran, protest ensued. The opposition to Iran's ruling regime used the internet to get the word out to the world about human rights abuses. A group called Iranian Cyber Army disrupted the web site of ( ) candidate who ran against the current Iranian president and the social networking site Twitter. Both were used to get the word out on conditions in Iran and both disruptions were temporary (27 ).


cyber, terrorism, attack, distributed denial of service, computers, cyberattack, hackers, technology