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1. Identity theft a growing menace to social networkers The Irish Times October 23, 2009 GORDON SMITH

2. "After major bust, FBI director reveals wife banned him from online banking" Sam Gustin Oct 8th 2009 DailyFinance

3.Computer consultant hacked secret FBI files; He used free Web programs to get 38,000 passwords, including director's.(Main) ERIC M. WEISS Washington Post Albany Times Union (Albany, NY) July 6, 2006

4. "New privacy row over lost data" Mark Townsend The Observer (UK), Sunday November 2 2008

5. "Thrift store MP3 player contains secret military files" 1-27-2009 CNN

6. "Huge credit breach disclosed" By Jim DeBrosse January 22, 2009 Dayton Daily News - Dayton,OH,USA

7. Cyber hackers breached jet fighter program By LOLITA C. BALDOR 4-21-2009

8 The Tennessean "State must be vigilant on privacy of identities Today's Topic: They've got your number" 11-6-2008

9. "Hackers breach UC Berkeley computer database" AP JASON DEAREN 5-8-2009

10. "A failure to protect privacy" St. Petersburg Times(florida) November 12, 2008

11. "Cal Poly Pomona apologizes for privacy breach" San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA 12/06/2008

12. "Personal information stolen from 17,000 at S.A. hotels" Associated Press Jan. 31, 2009

13. "Worries About Breaches of Privacy" Richard Raysman and Edward A. Pisacreta, Supply Chain Management Review, 1/14/2009