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cyber, attacks, DDOS, computer, networks, Security, threats Vulnerabilities/Lack of privacy securitycyber, attacks, DDOS, computer, networks, Security, threats

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According to Kaspersky Labs China was found to generate the most malware worldwide. As of 2009 32 Million malware programs are in existence (13 ).

The internet is changing the world, and some of the changes are detrimental to current countries like UK, USA, and Germany. For these countries the internet also has a threat. Among the countries that pose a threat Russia, China, Japan, Pakistan, India and Southeast Asian. Up to 120 countries are looking to use the internet as a weapon to penetrate the fore mentioned countries networks and or use it for DDOS attacks. The targets of the attacks are financial markets, government computer systems and utilities. During 1991 Dutch hackers stole information about the US troop movements from Pentagon computers. Also groups like, al Qaeda has known connections to the extremist groups in Pakistan and Middle East countries that have contacts with hacker groups (14 ).

At least 20 "foreign " intelligence services are operating against the interest of Europe and the USA. The attacks from Chinese and Russian interest are of greatest concern. The attacks from China are believe to be coming from China's Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) (15 ).

America isn't the only country where its computer network is under attack. South Korea Defence Security Command that attacks increased ten percent. South Korea reported 10,450 hacking attempts and 81,700 computer virus infections in addition to other cases (16 ).

Through their net presence called OBLcrew (Osama Bin Laden Crew) people who are anti american are able to network with others interested in doing America harm (17 ).

An assessment of terrorist threats to the USA include, the belief that within 3 to five years al-Qaida will be able to launch cyber attacks on the USA economy. The report said "Youthful, Internet-savvy extremists might apply their online acumen to conduct cyber attacks rather than offer themselves up as operatives to conduct physical attacks," (18 ).


cyber, attacks, DDOS, computer, networks, Security, threats