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Victimsextraordinary rendition, torture, Mohammed Meguerba, al-Qaeda, Maher Arar, tortured, raid, Syria, involvement, terrorism

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A suspect was tortured, this is how the uncovered a plot. Former British resident Mohammed Meguerba was planning a mass poisoning of Britons. The problem was there was no plot. Four defendants in this case were acquitted, four others had there cases abandoned. The only person convicted on anything to do with this case was Kamal Bourgass he killed Special Branch Detective Constable Stephen Oake, during a raid (1 ).

Syrian-born Canadian Maher Arar was detained in September 2002, at John F. Kennedy Airport coming home from vacation. Arar was held in solitary confinement without access to a lawyer. He was held in Brooklyn detention center on suspicion of being a member of al-Qaeda(2 ).

He was sent to Jordon then to Syria where he was detained a year without a charge or legal process. While in custody he was beaten with two inch thick cables and threatened with electrocution. After his release the Syrian ambassador to the United States, Imad Moustapha, said he Syrian government found no evidence of Arar's involvement with terrorism. It was no secret that Syrian prisons use torture, a recent US State department report mentions it (3 ).

British government is considering action against the people responsible for a British citizens mistreatment while being detained at Guantanamo. Binyam Mohamed moved from Pakistan to the UK when he was a teenager. He was arrested and detained at Guantanamo for plotting a dirty bomb attack on the USA, but the charges were dropped (4 ).

President Obama's grandfather endured torture by the British. Hussein Onyango Obama, was arrested by the British in 1949 during the uprising against British rule. Obama's step grandmother Sarah Onyango, who Barack calls "Granny Sarah." Described the torture "He said they would sometimes squeeze his testicles with parallel metallic rods," and . "They also pierced his nails and buttocks with a sharp pin, with his hands and legs tied together with his head facing down.". Barack, never met his grandfather you have to wonder what impact this will have on him(5 ).

extraordinary rendition, torture, Mohammed Meguerba, al-Qaeda, Maher Arar, tortured, raid, Syria, involvement, terrorism