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Fairbanks Daily Newsminer,
Letters to the editor,
Published March-6-1998

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To the editor:

In the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer letters to the editor dated Feb. 18 1998, I condemned the doctrine of violence promoted by the "Army of God.." I voiced concern over the possibility of a death or injury due to their teachings.

Now another bombing has taken place, causing the death of an off duty policeman and injury of an office worker.

This outcome wasn't hard to predict. When any group has a belief in violence and hate nothing good can come of it.

We, as a people, must act against anyone who espouses hate against any group of people. We must condemn any act of violence toward that end.

Violence against hated people is never in short supply. On Jan. 4, 1996, homosexual Fred Mangione was killed in Houston Texas. The young man was stabbed 35 times by two neo Nazis who were out to "get a fag."

In January 1994 Sean McBride of Detroit was shot six times after being taunted for being a Homosexual. A security guard who was on scene did nothing during the half-hour confrontation , except laugh at a few of the slurs. Sean is now permanently paralyzed.

Roxanne Ellis and Michele Abdill were duct-taped and shot execution-style on Dec. 4 1995. Their assassin Robert Acrement later admitted he killed the pair because they were lesbians.

Acremant laughed about the murder of the pair. He has since been convicted and received the death penalty, as he hoped. Yet today he does not want to die. He is no longer laughing.

What can we do about such violent and rampant hate? Wear ribbons? Have meetings? Lobby our legislature? Maybe.

Violence has a mind set that is fueled by apathy.

We can help end violence against everyone when we no longer tolerate violence against anyone.